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Looking for a Chain Link Fencing Contractor Near You?

For many different reasons, whether it’s around your home or business, you might find yourself in need of some additional security. Given its toughness, durability and the host of other benefits it can provide, a chain link fence is probably the perfect option. There’s a range of both residential and commercial properties out there that use chain link fencing to meet their fencing and security needs and with good reason. We can quickly and affordably install chain link fencing around any of your properties, so you can begin to take security more seriously and really look after your home or business.

Known by many names, such as hurricane fence, cyclone fence, wire mesh fence, or diamond mesh fence, a chain link fence is an inexpensive and popular fencing option. Chain link fences are made by creating a mesh out of wires that run vertically top to bottom. The wires are bent around each other at a 45-degree angle, either in a knuckle or twist pattern that creates a diamond pattern. This type of fence allows for the wind to pass through, making it a popular choice for areas that experience extreme weather.

When deciding to install a chain link fence on your property, it’s important to consider the different height options. Many municipalities or HOA’s have a code that dictates the acceptable heights of fences in different situations. Keep in mind that there are usually different requirements for the front yard or back yard. Also, note that the higher the fence, the more security you will have. It’s much easier to hop a 3 ft. fence than a fence 6 ft. or higher. Prices vary depending on the height of the chain link. For this chart, prices are recorded for 9 gauge galvanized stainless steel with 2 in. diamond, as this is the most common type of chain link fencing used. Prices may vary slightly based on the supplier. Heights listed below are the most common for residential uses. Taller chain link fences can be found, usually for industrial applications.


If you want to keep your home or commercial property secure, then there’s nothing better than a chain-link fence. A chain-link fence is tough, durable, cost-effective and long-lasting, so it’s the perfect way to keep your property safe and secure on a budget. When used in conjunction with our security options, you’ll never have to worry about anyone entering your property without your permission. We can install, and help maintain, chain link fences as part of our fence installation and fence repair range. So, when you want tough and secure, we’ve got something to match.

Custom Designed to Suit You

Everyone’s home or commercial property is different, and we know that you want your property to be treated as such. You may have different security or fencing needs than others, so a one fits all solution really isn’t for your home or business. Not to worry. We never offer such solutions. We tailor everything to fit you. Chain link fencing and wrought iron fence can be easily custom-designed to fit your security needs in a number of ways, including the fact that it can installed to almost any height or thickness. So, whatever you have in mind, we can install a chain-link fence to match.

Long-Lasting and Great Value

The major advantage of a chain-link fence is the great long-term value that you are guaranteed to get out of it. Chain link fences are tough and durable, given they are made from metal. This also means they are resistant to rotting, difficult to damage and aren’t impacted by the elements like other types of fencing can be. More than this, the durable nature of the material means maintenance, and the related costs that go with it are kept relatively low. So, more money stays in your pocket and you can worry a whole lot less.

Small Upfront Cost

Whether you run a business or need a secure fence at home, the cost is always the number one factor. This is possibly one of the better advantages of getting a chain-link fence, they are a relatively cheap form of fencing. This is also enhanced given they are easily installed, so no time or money is wasted in the installation process either. It’s also important to consider the great value that you are getting for that small upfront cost, too.

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